We are all His favorites!

I just had to share a segment from Bill Johnson’s talk, “Dreaming Out of Intimacy.”  Referring to the coming revival, he says,  “It’s fascinating to talk to various groups of people, whether it like, denominations… Baptists feel the revival is coming from them, and of course, Pentacostals think it’s coming from them, the youth think it’s coming from them because they have the zeal and energy for it, and the seniors think it’s coming from them because of the wisdom that comes from experience …  Israel, Native Americans, men, women, leaders, those without a title …all think it’s coming from them….

But let me tell the secret behind all of it, the Father is so amazing, that He gives each individual undivided attention, to where each person feels like THEY’RE THE FAVORITE!”

Oh, yes!!  We all need to believe and feel that we are the Father’s FAVORITE!  Because we are! He is able, in His unfathomable way to make each of us feel special and wholeheartedly attended to. We all have a part to play, and isn’t it grand that He gives us the feeling of favor to carry forth!!!

Press into Him and His favor… you will love it!!

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