Keynotes and Workshops

Whatever the topic, Maryann has a wealth of stories, many humorous, many poignant to illustrate the marvelous workings of God in our lives. Through on the spot interactive exercises, all participants are given the opportunity to solidify the things Maryann teaches.  Each talk or workshop is designed to have you experience God, His love, His power, and His favor in fresh, revelatory, and transforming ways.

Have I Ever Told You, You’re My Favorite?

This topic lends itself well to either a morning breakfast or a two day workshop, preferably in a spa resort type of setting. Maryann has done both. If the workshop mode is chosen, there are two halves:
1. The first half enlivens participants to the availability and operation of favor for them.
2. The second half employs powerful, engaging interactive exercises to enhance participants’ experience with God, see themselves through His eyes of favor, and learn how to live in the reality of it.
Prayer and releasing exercises will be available to help all attendants be rid of limiting beliefs and resistance.

Past participants have claimed this is the most encouraging women’s retreat they have ever been on!

You're My Favorite Retreat

You’re My Favorite Retreat! Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

7 Steps to Peace, Power, and Prosperity

This is a 3 session workshop or a 7 week teleseminar series. Each step is designed to help participants tap into a higher, more fulfilling experience with God, hear His voice, and identify and release all
hindering obstacles to enjoying His presence. Maryann teaches and gives opportunity to use our God-given imagination to visualize and meditate on Him and His Word. Each participant should come
with a set of issues/concerns for which they would like clarification, empowerment, and an action plan.

Esthereal Encounter

This workshop employs a totally different approach to exploring the concepts of favor. Using the book of Esther, participants discover the ancient practice of favor. They see the benefits, the operation, and the result of this powerful force, and watch it unfold in their own life. Participants are positioned for courage to rise, vision to be clarified, and the wisdom to make the next steps.

From Frustration to Fabulous

Jesus said that He came to give life, and give it to the full. Abundant life is His idea, His mission, and His way for us. Most Christians know this. Even so, a fabulous life of fullness and favor seems to
elude many, experiencing instead, disappointment, frustration and even, failure. Having grown up with abuse, abandonment, and discrimination, Maryann knows personally the struggle to believe
God, as well as seeing this struggle in the lives of those she has counseled and coached for almost 30 years.

But God is faithful, and over the years, He has revealed 3 Key Truths that has turned her life, and the lives of others, from frustration to fabulous! In her message, Maryann will not only share these revelations, but her secret weapon which has helped to bring these truths into practical, daily manifestation.

CONTACT Maryann for availability.  Everyone has a great time when Maryann comes!

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