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Savor the wait!

As I write this, it’s a cool 93 degrees.  Yes, cool…. later it will be 113!  Summer in Phoenix.  Just where you want to be.  Normally we visit in the winter or early spring.  Not summer. So, why are we here now? Because grandbaby #9 is due!  Actually he is overdue by more than a […]

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Powerful stuff!

What is it that can cause a tribal woman to decide to not eat her children today or any day? (yes, you read that right!) What is it that can grow limbs, open deaf ears, even produce pupils and irises when eyeballs are completely white? What is it that can feed 12,000 people bread and […]

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Contrary to Popular Belief, You Deserve It!

Lately my husband and I have been visiting churches and enjoying meeting so many new people in our area. One church we visited recently had the friendliest group, stirring worship, and an invigorating guest speaker.  Almost every church we go to has something favorable to recommend, and this church was no exception. As I listened […]

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What is your view of God?

New USA Today article discusses new book…  Well, it’s confirmed… how we view God determines how we approach life! No kidding! Americans’ views of God shape attitudes on key issues “If you pray to God, to whom — or what — are you praying? When you sing God Bless America, whose blessing are you seeking? […]

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Amazing new study on prayer!

Miraculous healings through the work of Iris Ministries and Global Awakening are the subject of new study to be published in Southern Medical Journal!

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In an earlier issue of Java, Jammies, and Jesus, I wrote about that sneaky, deceptive, and often debilitating thing called DOUBT. As I said, I was unaware that it was doubt that I was battling. But yay, the Lord who knows me best, brought it to light with his laser like revelation, and so, armed […]

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