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Need some favor in your life?

God wants you to know, YOU are His Favorite!  You are SPECIAL!  You MATTER to Him!  You need His favor!

“Have I Ever Told You, You’re My Favorite! The Importance of Feeling Specialis a refreshingly uplifting book that offers a profound, yet simple way to experience the joy we crave, whether in our personal or professional lives.

Most Christians know their life is supposed to be one of victory, abundance, and peace.   However, what the vast majority are experiencing is anything but that! The GAP between what it is and what it should be is often filled by guilt, doubt, confusion, and a profound sense of inadequacy.

Author Maryann Ehmann understands!

Having once (or twice!) been broke, sick, and depressed, she has personally struggled with appropriating a deep sense of worth and purpose, faith, and personal direction.

But she’s here to encourage all that there is a brilliantly beaming light at the end of the proverbial tunnel! Sharing how her own renewed understanding and profound relationship with God changed her, Maryann shows readers how they too, can discover and develop their own God-given power through embracing the often misunderstood and mysterious gift of favor.

Through highly personal stories, (like Michael Oher’s of Blindside, Susan Boyle, and mine!) scriptural examples, and interactive exercises, readers will more fully comprehend what favor is, how to increase in it, and how to share it with the world.

Embracing favor naturally makes us feel special, valued, and energized!

Whether you are in SURVIVAL mode, looking for the next step in life, or want to start all over….. this book is for you!

Warning:  You will not find a theological dissertation on the favor of God here, but rather an open door, through which you can encounter God and experience His favor for you, personally!

Have I Ever Told You, You’re My Favorite! gives us engaging and simple to use tools to learn how to:

o Increase in confidence that we belong, have inestimable worth, deserve a great life, and are smack dab in the middle of it.

o Feel surrounded, energized, and empowered by love, esteem, and honor.

o Have functioning, fulfilling and healthy relationships

o Obtain more than adequate finances to meet daily needs and fulfill our deepest desires.

o Be convinced that there are no real failures or irrevocable mistakes, only golden opportunities to discover, fine tune and practice.

o Believe our words, actions, and influence count for something meaningful.

Perfect for a quick evening read, in-depth study, book club, small group discussion, or a gift for someone you love, Have I Ever Told You, You’re My Favorite! will strengthen, encourage, and bless your life!

What people are saying!

This book is a must-read for anyone who struggles with feeling worthy… particularly in the eyes of God.  And isn’t that most of us?  Enter ……  Have I Ever Told You, You’re My Favorite! Through Maryann’s joyful, conversational tone, she warmly invites us to take a break, put our feet up and discover just how God favors us, how to see His favor, and best of all, experience it in our daily lives… This is real!

Amy Pak,

If you ever have the opportunity to hear Maryann speak at one of her retreats you will immediately feel her deep faith and spirit of inclusion.  This voice is clear in her new book, Have I Ever Told You, You’re My Favorite! If you are feeling lonely, insignificant, or frustrated this book about God’s love and the importance of feeling special make you feel complete and empowered.  What a joyful expression!

Michelle Yozzo Drake www.

“What a gift – to understand and receive God’s favor, and then to pass this understanding on to others. Maryann has incorporated years of professional and personal experience into a powerful work, and many will be blessed to grow in their understanding of God’s favor by reading what Maryann has written!”

Ben Lo, MD,

What is it that makes a RockStar? Talent, focus, hard work, practice, patience, charisma and one very important thing:  favor. You can have all of those other things, but without favor the road can be very hard, even impossible.  Guess what?  Favor is available to every one of us.  Maryann Ehmann … clearly and plainly explains and illustrates how fundamental to all of us the role of favor plays in our lives.  This is a must read!

Craig Duswalt,

This book … has changed my life. It redefines “favor” as something divine and gives you the spiritual roadmap for how to achieve your dreams. Maryann’s stories are wrappers for deeper truths that everyone needs to know. Maryann is one of the greatest gifts to walk this earth.


I love this book!! Dee Schader

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