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Be Happier! Tell God About It

You’ll be lots happier if you learn how to tell God how you feel, what you’re going through, and live in the constant reality of His forgiveness. Stop feeling like you have to grovel before Him!

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Guilt: A Barrier to Intimacy with God

God has opened the door to His heart for you. He is the Source of your happiness. There is no restriction or barrier for Him. Don’t let your guilt and shame be one for you.

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Live Guilt-free! Happiness Tip of the Day

Let yourself off the hook! God has. It’s His way to your happiness!

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Where is favor when your heart is broken?

Good Morning and Happy Monday! Can I be candid with you?  It’s a little difficult for me to get started this week.  The skies just let loose a torrent of rain, casting a dull gray veil on what would otherwise be vibrant greens, purples, and reds.  Hmm.. Interesting. You see, for a while now, I […]

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