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Be Happier! Tell God About It

You’ll be lots happier if you learn how to tell God how you feel, what you’re going through, and live in the constant reality of His forgiveness. Stop feeling like you have to grovel before Him!

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It’s Java, Jammies, and Jesus time!

Hi Friends! Spring has sprung up here in western New York, and though the cliche can get old, for me, the feeling of newness each year never does. In fact, in Spring, I find it so much easier to see the buds of new attitudes and perspectives that the Lord has been cultivating in me […]

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God’s Word for 2010!

Need a word from God to start you year off right? Feel free to use mine!

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What? Me Worry?

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Java, Jammies, and Jesus! Often I will get a word from the Lord that is not just for me, but for others as well,  a word that I am supposed to share. But quite frankly, I don’t always do it. Maybe I hesitate at times because I […]

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