Royal Diadem

I made a wild discovery a couple of weeks ago, one that deepened the revelation about who I am to the Lord!  And, because God loves us all the same, this is for you, too!

If you take time to mediate on this, declare it, and move forward in abandoning yourself to this truth…  I can only imagine how your life will change.

Here it is:  You are a crown of glory, honor, beauty, majesty, AND bravery in the hand of God, a royal diadem, exceedingly beautiful, in the hand of your Lord! (Is 62:3 AMP, and Hebrew definition expanded)

Isn’t that just crazy!?

I further discovered that a diadem is a silken headdress, woven with strands of fine gold, and embellished with pearls.  Wow!  That’s you! That’s me!!  (It’s ok if you jump up and dance at this point.)

You’ve heard me say it before – Bill Johnson in The Supernatural Ways of Royalty, by Kris Vallotin, says, “We always act out of our SELF-UNDERSTOOD identity.”

Notice, he didn’t say, we always act out of who God says we are — or our true selves — or our kingdom identity…. but rather, who we THINK we are.

In my coaching practice, this is always evident.  That’s why we always begin with self-perception.  Not much else can be done to move forward without understanding and revelation about that!

So, maybe you don’t perceive yourself as a crown of glory and beauty, a royal diadem in the hand of God… but you can start!

Ask God to deepen this awareness of your true identity, and watch what happens in your life.  I’d love to hear about it!!

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