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Another Adventure in Favor!l

God is showing my husband great favor these days (or maybe we are just more attuned to it!). As a private investigator and security consultant, he often contracts with major corporations to find missing goods, expose shady operations, or discover counterfeit sources. He quite enjoys it. This work has given him extensive travel experience (,  […]

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How does the pain of rejection affect you?

Ok.  I know this is not a popular topic.  Avoiding pain, of any kind, is a basic human motivation.  So, I understand if just the mention of this topic causes most of you to “runaway!”  (Sorry, can’t help but think of a segment in the movie, “Monty Python.”) But some of you are fully aware […]

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It’s trash day!!

Good Morning, and welcome to another edition of Java, Jammies, and Jesus! As you know, I love my time with the Lord each morning. He clears my head of the debris I’ve unintentionally collected during the previous day. If we are out there working in the world, walking our neighborhoods, watching tv, or engaged in any activity that involves people, there are plenty of opportunities to get a little slime on us, or pick up some trash along the way.

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