Amazing new study on prayer!

I wanted to share with you today an exciting new study on prayer which will be published in a medical journal… specifically, the September 2010 issue of the Southern Medical Journal.

“The study ….. measured surprising improvements in vision and hearing in economically disadvantaged areas where eyeglasses and hearing aids are not readily available…”

Candy Brown, an associate professor at Indiana University,  and her colleagues studied the activities of the healing groups Iris Ministries and Global Awakening in Mozambique and Brazil because of their reputation as hotspots of specialized prayer for those with hearing and vision impairments.”  To read more, click here.

Besides the obvious significance of having the work of God be documented in a medical journal and just generally being “out there” in the world, there is another aspect of this study that is particularly exciting to us.

We love Iris Ministries, headed by Heidi and Rolland Baker!  Our first encounter with them was through our son, Joe.  The Bakers were frequent guest speakers at the ministry school he attended.  Joe related that besides their very relaxed attitudes, the single most impressive quality that surrounded them was LOVE. In fact, the love was so strong that merely standing next to Heidi, he could tangibly feel the strength of it.

This prompted me to read the Bakers’ book, “Expecting Miracles,” a intimate journal of their daily lives… accounting the miracles, yes, but also the hardships, the governmental and spiritual forces that come against them regularly, the unavoidable discouragement they victoriously battle.  I pondered before the Lord… how do they have such love … how do they think… what makes them able to go on, to stand fast in the grace and love You have given to them?

The Lord revealed this from their book  (and I write about it in mine, p.66-68):

  • COMPLETE trust in Him and in His love and power to heal through them
  • REFUSAL to allow self-condemnation or any weakness to diminish their fiery love
  • Hard-core BELIEF that they are the crowning achievement of all His creative power

The Bakers are convinced they have the Father’s approval, esteem, and favor… and they refuse self-condemnation! Indeed being convinced allows them complete trust in Him, and complete trust in Him solidifies the nature of their relationship.  No where in their writing did I see any connection between their performance and God’s approval. Without the clutter of trying to earn God’s favor, the way is clear to Him and His power to heal.

This is what I want.  I am convinced that God has vividly shown me His favor because it is such an effective force in dissolving fear and any barriers to Him.  The more I apprehend His favor, the more I walk in freedom, fulfillment, and fruitfulness.  I am committed to share this powerful gift with others.  In fact, it is my main mission at this time.

Remember…because of who you are to Him… YOU have His favor!!

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