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Another Adventure in Favor!l

God is showing my husband great favor these days (or maybe we are just more attuned to it!). As a private investigator and security consultant, he often contracts with major corporations to find missing goods, expose shady operations, or discover counterfeit sources. He quite enjoys it. This work has given him extensive travel experience (,  […]

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From Hint to Heavenly Perspective

Welcome to another edition of Java, Jammies, and Jesus! Agree with God You are the crowning achievement of all His creative power! ********************************************************************************************* I’m sure you have noticed this, too…. as you go through life, God shifts the direction of your path, or so it seems, sometimes ever so slightly, giving you a new focus […]

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Diversify…or not.

In this issue of Java, Jammies, and Jesus, I wrote about the wise old strategic approach to investing:  diversification. But, when it comes to our salvation, not just eternal, but daily, is that really the best approach? I’d love to read your comments!  You know what to do!

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What? Me Worry?

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Java, Jammies, and Jesus! Often I will get a word from the Lord that is not just for me, but for others as well,  a word that I am supposed to share. But quite frankly, I don’t always do it. Maybe I hesitate at times because I […]

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God loves to hear about your concerns!

Welcome back! As I said in this edition of Java, jammies, and Jesus, it is my passion and desire to assist you in taking your rightful place, in the magnificent throne room, where you belong, and in enjoying His presence as He richly pours blessing upon blessing on, in, and through you. Will you join […]

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He can and will quench your thirst!

I’m sure you see the parallel I am making. But think about it a minute. Reflect on this: How much do we try and do in a day without drinking deeply from our Living Water? Don’t you notice a feeling of dryness, staleness, and loss of joy? Does everything seem like it’s so much work and effort?

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