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If you have ever thought about positive, elevating and empowering coaching with me, maybe this is the time to give yourself this GIFT!   Though I am fully booked until 2012 and my rates will be increasing, you can get 2011 rates if you reserve a spot now! Email me and let’s set up a consultation to explore this option for you.  I only accept new clients if I truly believe they will get the results they desire.

Read what a former client says, “It is very difficult to write acouple of sentences about Maryann and her impact on me…  I am believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and every time I had a personal coaching session with her, I found myself holding back tears.  This was a good thing!

She was able to gather up “all” of the good, the bad and the ugly on the inside, let me see it and then help me to let go of the bad.  The strategy was simple, but essentially she kept filling me up with good until the bad was forced to leave.

In the first session I was completely caught off guard with the anointing that encompasses her.  Her ability to communicate at just the right level for the each individual is impeccable.  How she remembered what I felt and/or said (from session to the next) is beyond me…

Also, please understand that that I am not easily pleased nor mislead by unskilled coaches.  I have studied under many so I am happy to declare that Maryann is the real deal.  She has the business perspective, as well as the personal perspective. She is great life coach and the best coach I have ever had filled with the spirit. The combination is powerful and life changing! Napoleon Greene, III


During my time with the Lord this morning, I was led to a verse that seemed to illustrate a phenomenon I see all too often.  In fact, it could be one of the primary reasons people come to me for coaching.

Maybe they don’t see it as a main reason, but sooner or later, thankfully it reveals itself.

Here is the insight from 1 Jn 3:21:

“If our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God.”

Many of us are insecure and want more confidence.  We know that confidence in God and confidence in being before Him is ultimately the key.  But many times, the voices in our head, as well as fears expressed through others’ voice, accuse us, and make us feel pushed down.  We end up not feeling confident before God, thus not expecting the things in life He has and wants to give to us.

Joyce Meyers says, “Without confidence, our faith will not work.”

People who struggle with dePRESSion, often do so because of pervasive guilty feelings.  They don’t know what to do with the accusations in their hearts.  Too often they believe them as real.  If this goes on long enough, it can alter the chemistry in their brains and affect every cell in their bodies.

So, how do we find that confidence before God?

Well, 1 Jn 3:18 gives a very simple answer:  LOVE.  Sincere, practical love. (I know… easy, huh?)

Love links us to the TRUTH (God is love!) and when that happens, we are told, our hearts can be reassured in God’s presence. (vs 19)

You see, a LIE is operating ”Whenever our hearts in self-accusation make us feel guilty and condemned.” The truth is God is love and He remembers your sin NO MORE.

If we do not bask in the truth of His love, then we cannot honestly and fully love ourselves or others. Our guilty consciences will have its way, interrupt our faith, our expectation of good, and prohibit us from receiving all God has for us.

So, do not let your heart condemn you.  Simply love.  Love God, yourself, and those in your life.

Get in His presence and receive His lavish love.  It’s His perfect love that casts out all your fears.  He’s crazy about you!  And so am I!



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