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Contrary to Popular Belief, You Deserve It!

Lately my husband and I have been visiting churches and enjoying meeting so many new people in our area. One church we visited recently had the friendliest group, stirring worship, and an invigorating guest speaker.  Almost every church we go to has something favorable to recommend, and this church was no exception. As I listened […]

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Draw Your Sword!

You do not have to take it! (This is a post from my Java, Jammies, and Jesus) This JJJ is a little more aggressive than usual, but I believe I need to issue a call to action. You see, there has been a recurring pattern that needs to be exposed and once you see it, […]

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Developing a Mindset of Favor

Recently I proposed to you that much of our frustration can be resolved, and dare I say, even eliminated once we have a mindset of FAVOR. (Click here for that post.) Because the Lord has so thoroughly convinced me of this, it has become my mission to share the power of this transcendent gift. Getting […]

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Wanna Get Happy? (part 2)

A fail-proof tip that leads to happiness…. pursue the presence of God, not happiness, and happiness will come. It’s a promise.

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Where is favor when your heart is broken?

Good Morning and Happy Monday! Can I be candid with you?  It’s a little difficult for me to get started this week.  The skies just let loose a torrent of rain, casting a dull gray veil on what would otherwise be vibrant greens, purples, and reds.  Hmm.. Interesting. You see, for a while now, I […]

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