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Powerful stuff!

What is it that can cause a tribal woman to decide to not eat her children today or any day? (yes, you read that right!) What is it that can grow limbs, open deaf ears, even produce pupils and irises when eyeballs are completely white? What is it that can feed 12,000 people bread and […]

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Amazing video of God’s outrageous love

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Amazing new study on prayer!

Miraculous healings through the work of Iris Ministries and Global Awakening are the subject of new study to be published in Southern Medical Journal!

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Guilt: A Barrier to Intimacy with God

God has opened the door to His heart for you. He is the Source of your happiness. There is no restriction or barrier for Him. Don’t let your guilt and shame be one for you.

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Wanna Get Happy? (part 2)

A fail-proof tip that leads to happiness…. pursue the presence of God, not happiness, and happiness will come. It’s a promise.

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Wanna Get Happy?

Pursuing happiness does not get us happiness. But what does?

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Are you happy?

Are you happy? In our counseling/coaching ministry, we see people regularly who are not happy… and these are Christians! Could there be doubt and double mindedness on the topic?

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It’s Java, Jammies, and Jesus time!

Hi Friends! Spring has sprung up here in western New York, and though the cliche can get old, for me, the feeling of newness each year never does. In fact, in Spring, I find it so much easier to see the buds of new attitudes and perspectives that the Lord has been cultivating in me […]

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Agree with God, He really is Your Help!

Need help? Seek God. Ps 118 shows you how.

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Diversify…or not.

In this issue of Java, Jammies, and Jesus, I wrote about the wise old strategic approach to investing:  diversification. But, when it comes to our salvation, not just eternal, but daily, is that really the best approach? I’d love to read your comments!  You know what to do!

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