In an earlier issue of Java, Jammies, and Jesus, I wrote about that sneaky, deceptive, and often debilitating thing called DOUBT. As I said, I was unaware that it was doubt that I was battling. But yay, the Lord who knows me best, brought it to light with his laser like revelation, and so, armed with that warfare intelligence, I could give it the boot!

I was amazed to see that ridding myself of doubt, at least in this particular area, was not so much like hand to hand combat, as it was simply drawing a line in the sand and shouting to my old nemesis, “You shall not cross!”

Since then it has been such a pleasure to live life without the added weight and fogginess of doubt! I love the increased clarity, energy, and focus!

So, would you like to hear God’s solution to doubt? I asked Him one day, and He gave it to me straight:

“Have faith in Me. Confidence is your key.”

Whoa. That’s it? Ah, yes. That’s it.
Every have one of those I should have had a V-8 moments?

Now, I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me to “Just have faith,” when I’m struggling with an issue, I am quite tempted to smack them. The words feel like platitudes, and not very helpful ones either.

But when God says it, there’s an accompanying ray of light, an elevation in my soul, a breath of fresh air that seems to come upon me. Is it that way with you, too?

So when He said, “Have faith in Me. Confidence is your key,” I felt immediately soothed and encouraged. I was reminded of a time in the past when I was stressing about one of my kids.

She had this thing she did that often got her in trouble with people and work against her and her desire for strong, close friendships. I would see her frustrated and upset on many occasions, and so, being the good mom that I tried to be, I would “help” her not do that thing. I would attempt to teach her better, more productive ways to respond and react.

And yet, here she was, in her teens, after years of my careful instruction, and STILL!!

In my anxiety, frustration, and deep sense of helplessness, I projected out a lonely, unhappy life for my dear child. (By the way, as understandable as that is, and I know you do it, too… it is definitely NOT FAITH!)

Eventually, I quit my stewing and made the wise decision to go to the Lord. “Lord, what more do you want me to do???” I whined.

Quietly, calmly, He simply stated, “Have faith in Me.”

Sigh. “Yes, Lord, I know and I do. BUT….. what do you want me to DO???”

To which He responded, with a cheerful smile on His face, “Maryann, the BEST thing you can DO, is have faith in Me.”

In a flash, I realized that having faith in Him, is a DOING. This was a pivotal point in my relationship with God and my relationship with my daughter. At once, I made a quality, wholehearted decision to do just that, HAVE FAITH IN GOD.

This decision thus opened the door to CONFIDENCE!

I became confident, rather than doubtful, about many things, especially as it relates to all my children. I am confident that He loves them more than I. I am confident that He is indeed working in them, even when I don’t see it, and even when I see evidence to the contrary.

I am confident that His plan for them is good and prosperous. I am confident that He is able to get through to them in ways I cannot. I am confident about that for which He has created them – love, acceptance, significance, purpose and meaning, success.

I am confident that they are sons and daughters of a King and will reign in life with Him. I am confident that He will protect them, even during times when they make mistakes and are choosing to not walk in concert with Him. (Yes, I know this is an especially hard one.)

Does that mean I am always confident? Heck, no! But when I fall off the rock of assurance, I know where to go and what to do…. Climb back on.

Since then I have had great peace about my children. I try and control them less (old habit die hard), and I enjoy them more.

When I see they are in a pickle, the Lord has taught me to speak favor, blessing, righteousness, love and honor over them instead of fret.

I have desired to see them with His eyes rather than through eyes of fear and worry, and the Father has honored my desire. It’s a much better way for us all to live together.

On top of that, I have even seen supernatural occurrences from doing so!

And yet, as confident as I am about our kids, I am not so confident in other areas. But like with my kids, I must decide to have faith in Him about these other things as well.

Listen, if you are struggling – there is a simple, yet powerful solution: Ask God. (You are spending quality time being with and seeking Him, right?) He will be more than happy to reveal a block for you. He’s all about your freedom!

Once you see it, toss it! Say NO! Stomp your foot and give it the boot!

Then embrace the truth (find out what it is if you don’t know!!), whether it is about God, yourself, or your circumstances. And remember, view all of life through the filter of Love!

In closing, I want to share with you a famous quote that the Lord gave me through my husband. This has definitely aided me in my commitment to have faith and doubt not and stand strong in the face of opposition. Here it is, a gift to you:


With great pleasure and cheer,



In our journey through this life, there is much we still do not know with certainty about God, His love for us, and what it means. Of some things, we are still ignorant. But there is much each of us does know, and yet, we still do not believe.

We may know that God is a healer, that He has the power to heal, and the word says that by His stripes we are healed. However, we may not think that healing is for US, for NOW, or in this situation or that.

We judge the word of God by our experiences or whatever the teaching is we are currently listening to. In my coaching practice, of the many reasons why a person may be stalled or hindered in their various callings, businesses, ministries, confusion as to what they can expect from God is one of the biggies.

But we must not be confused about this: We are meant to reign in this life, with Christ! And what does it take to reign? Rom 5:17 says we need to RECEIVE an abundance of grace AND the gift of righteousness. Grace is God’s enabling power, divine favor, and His divine influence in our hearts. Righteousness gives us the RIGHT to go before Him, ask of Him, and receive all He has for us. We need to know that, agree with it, believe it, and then say, “Yes! This is mine! You said it, Lord. I receive it!”

We may be confused about what we should be doing in life, about which direction to go, or how to handle a particular situation, but we need not be unsure that we are to reign in this life with Christ!

This belief and attitude carries great confidence. From that place we can go out and approach our lives with clarity, focus, and assurance, regardless of evidence to the contrary, people opposing you, or fiery darts thrown by the enemy. Raise us that shield of faith!

My husband and I were recently talking about famous quotes by war heroes that displayed greatness in the face of immense and terrible obstacles. One I particularly liked and has become my new mantra, “DAMN THE TORPEDOS! FULL STEAM AHEAD.”

I leave you with that!

Have an awesome day!

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