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Again, God has given us another sure-fired way to be happy… and I know I’m not telling you anything new… but consider:  do you REALLY believe this?

Happy are all those who seek refuge and put their trust in the Lord.  (Ps 2:12 AMP)

Most of the people that come to me have some nagging relationship issue that is causing them sadness, stress, or terrible frustration.  Though the verse quoted above is truth, knowing it does not seem to bring the relief, let alone happiness, most people desire.  In fact, it can add increased pain as they struggle with guilt for not finding the rest and happiness it promises.

And yet, seeking refuge in any other way, i.e. the arms of another, clandestine cybersex, working massive hours to avoid the feelings of inadequacy at home or produce elusive financial security just distances them even farther from happiness. While most Christians don’t struggle (any longer) with drug or alcohol addiction for refuge from painful feelings, we have a whole host of replacements … some of which even look pretty darn good (high performance, never saying no, taking responsibility for others’ burdens, to name a few)!

Truth be told, many Christians don’t really know how to find true refuge or put their trust in the Lord.

What’s the problem?

Why is it so difficult to put our trust in the Lord?

Well, the answer is as varied as our backgrounds, what we’ve been taught about God, who we think we are to Him, what experience we’ve had when we’ve prayed, and what we have interpreted and concluded about all that.

One of the things I explore with my mentees is what are the possible beliefs lodged in their minds that keep them from putting their trust fully in the Lord.  After prayerful consideration, they always discover what it is.

God is faithful to reveal what needs to be revealed. Once the internal tapes that play in their minds are identified, we can begin to dismantle them by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Freedom is a happy thing!

So, today, why not ask God:

“Lord, what is in my mind, my belief system, or my memories that have created doubt in You?”

Then trust He will gently and lovingly reveal it to you.

He loves you and wants you…. HAPPY!

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