Vertigo update and new insights!

Dear Friends,

I’m finally back on track!  A hearty thanks to you for praying for me and my family.  I was deeply touched by such concern,  One email friend said simply, “You are not alone.”  That struck me straight in the heart.  I didn’t realize that that was exactly how I felt, but God did.

My sense of being alone did not have to do with God, but in a way, I had been isolating myself from people.  I don’t know about you, but when I do that, my mind can trick me into believing no one, except God and my hubby, really cares!  Sometimes, to be honest, I’m not content with that!  I hate when lies have their way with me!

But God is so faithful!  How often He places someone right in my path to gently speak a word or two that clearly identifies an issue I may not have even known was an issue!  Does that ever happen to you?

Those two weeks of on again, off again veritigo, nausea, and exhaustion, as horrible as it felt, did result in some new and marvelous insights and healing, particularly about my mom of all things!  God knows just what we need.

He does not create our sicknesses by any means, but He sure does redeem them!  Ps 23:3 says “He refreshes and restores my life.  He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.” Boy did He ever!  (If you want to read about the peace the Lord brought regarding a long buried issue with my mom, Click here)

I was grateful that one thing He has convinced me of over the years is to not doubt His presence, healing power, or attention. especially in the midst of debilitating discomfort and even, excruciating pain.

But I didn’t always have such assurance.  For years I suffered from immensely painful migraines.  I use to wonder where was God and why would He let me suffer.  I felt abandoned and neglected.  Doubting Him seemed to increase my pain and sorrow.  Eventually I learned to simply say, “God is good, and He loves me.”

While repeating this, as I lay in bed, would bring some much needed relief, I would continue to get migraines… until one snowy, January morning in 2002.

I will remember that day the rest of my life.

Another nasty migraine had come and taken me down again.  On the third day of languishing in bed, a new thought came upon me.  It was to call a friend who would stay with me and pray, no matter how long it took me to get healed.

I called Suzanne and without hesitation, she came right over.  We laugh today about this, but she was so afraid to make me worse since she was not very confident of her ability to pray.  And when she began to pray, guess what… I got worse!

But I’m sure God was smiling, because He knew all along the outcome.  Leading Suzanne in “paths of righteousness,” He had me stand up (are you kidding?? do you know how I feel? stand??!!), lift my arms, and praise Him.  After a minute, maybe two, God released through my friend, His love for me…a depth of it I had never known before.  It instantly healed the migraine.  HIS LOVE HEALED ME!  It has been over 8 years, and I have not had one since.

I don’t know if that story encourages you or not, and surely I give no formula here.  But I do know that there are places where we doubt God’s love for us, the degree of His love, or a specific way His love works.

But that is where Ps 23:3 comes in to play.  “He restores and refreshes my life.  He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.”

The Lord has many names, but I needed the name Jehovah Rapha, the Lord Who heals! His “path of righteousness” is His leading us to think right about Him, our relationship to Him, and what He has and will do for us.

God is good, and He does love us, and that means something.  Thinking and saying that simple thought regularly, I am convinced, will open the doors to a more expansive view and experience of His goodness and love.

I am sure He wants to expand your heart, restore your soul, and lead you in YOUR path of all that is right (righteousness) about His love for you.

Why not say to Him today, “Lord, please show me a fuller measure or dimension of Your love and favor.  I trust and thank you I am on the path of righteousness, and nothing will give You greater pleasure!”

Thank you all again for your kind attention, support, and prayers.  I am blessed by you.


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