Hocus Pocus or Profitable Strategy?

As an eager young Christian, I sought instruction in how to seek God in His word.

Systematic study was good.  Open and point was bad.  In fact, the latter method was so suspect that it could  even be viewed as hocus pocus, divination, or even witchcraft.  Yikes!

I accepted that and was always a bit paranoid if I happened to get a golden nugget that way, even if it fit perfectly. Yeah.  I know.

Well, it’s been a number of years now that I have experienced profound revelation from the “open and point” method, and today I felt led to write about it for the first time ever.

Not only am I not suspicious of this method of seeking God, (of course, there are many others), but I find it absolutely thrilling when God confirms, reveals, or magnifies something He is doing in my life through me merely opening up His word, looking down, and there it is… the word I need for the day.  It’s so personal!  I love it!

So… how does this work?

1.  I sit in my favorite place, with my journal, and write to the Lord my concern, my praises, or ask my questions.

2.  I ask, “Lord what would you like to say to me today?”

3.  I open my Bible, look down, and see if anything jumps out at me.  Literally.

4.  If it makes my heart leap, swell, calmed, or inspired… I write it down and meditate on it.

My heart gets full, like I’ve had a great meal, or I have a solution upon which to act, or direction in which to move forward.  I don’t second guess it.  Just receive.  Pretty simple. huh?

There are so many ways to access the heart of God directly, but try this one today.  Change it up once in a while!  The point is…. Seek Him and Get Happy!

1 Chron 16:10 – Let the hearts of those rejoice who seek the Lord!



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