Another Adventure in Favor!l

God is showing my husband great favor these days (or maybe we are just more attuned to it!).

As a private investigator and security consultant, he often contracts with major corporations to find missing goods, expose shady operations, or discover counterfeit sources. He quite enjoys it.

This work has given him extensive travel experience (,  but he is always looking for new places to go and write about. He is also a man after God’s heart, and he loves meeting new people and spreading God’s love wherever he goes.

Recently he was saying he would love to go to the Middle East or China…. and then the call came… an interesting case that pays very well.

And if that wasn’t favor enough, the company might need him to go to ….. YES!  the Middle East or China. In 25 years of investigative work, this offer has never been presented!   Hmmmm…. He jumped on it!

The forces that oppose us, however, do not like us experiencing the favor of God, His promises, or any good thing actually.   They would like us to be frustrated and then, blame God.

And so, many times since Gene began this case, a wrench was thrown into the works where it looked like his desire would not be coming to fruition.

The favor of God is always at work, even if our heart’s desire is not fulfilled at the moment. God makes sure we have golden nuggets strewn along our path. We can rest in that.

However, we had a “knowing” that Gene was supposed to go, not just for him, but for the success of the case. Often corporate budget constraints can make executives short sighted and settle for inadequate results. Gene wanted win-win for everyone.

So, our spiritual training kicked in. We said “No!” to any and all obstacles. We proclaimed God’s love, delight and pleasure to have Gene go. We did not accept, “No”. This was a big lesson for us.

Three times we saw his travel threatened. Three times we declared he was going. Each time there was a temptation to roll over and just accept the company’s decision. But God trains us well.

Ps 32:8 says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you shall go. I will guide you with my eye.”

Gene is now in Istanbul, Turkey, and next month he will go to Hong Kong!

God delights in delighting us.

Do you have a desire on your heart that He would delight in giving you? Let the Lord train you in appropriating His favor.  It’s there for you, too!

Have a blessed day!

PS  Speaking of traveling…. this airport video will put a smile on your face!!

Airport Fun

One Response to Another Adventure in Favor!l
  1. Kathy Aprile
    March 12, 2010 | 2:12 am

    Thank you much for sharing this “adventure in God’s favor” that you and your husband have seen God bring about, in your lives!
    Praise The Lord!
    (praising The Lord Who loves you with His everlasting Love….)
    Jeremiah 31:3b

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