It’s Java, Jammies, and Jesus time!

Hi Friends!

Spring has sprung up here in western New York, and though the cliche can get old, for me, the feeling of newness each year never does.

In fact, in Spring, I find it so much easier to see the buds of new attitudes and perspectives that the Lord has been cultivating in me over the past winter.

This “reveal” encourages my heart and solidifies my belief that He is indeed actively working in my heart and mind, renewing it, and thus transforming me.  I love being transformed!

Do you love His transforming process?

I used to think it meant hard work, being tugged and pulled like taffy into something I didn’t want to be, to do things I didn’t want to do.  Being “stretched” reminded me of the medieval racks that were used in torture chambers.  I had the belief that the harder the change and the more I didn’t want to do it, the more it “must be God.”  In talking to hundreds of others, I know that others share this belief.  “It’s for your good” is often endured with reluctance, rather than embraced with eagerness.

If you even have a hint of that thinking, may I encourage you?

1.  We ARE BEING changed into the image and likeness of Christ.  This is God’s job! (Ro 8:29)
2.  We ALREADY ARE the image and likeness of Christ!  1 Co 11:7
3.  This likeness is glorious and getting more glorious! 2 Co 3:18

What a cool thing!  We already are the image of Christ, and at the same time, evidence of this truth and reality are becoming more our reality !  Meditate on that for the day!

Yet, often we don’t feel it or know what that really means, let alone walk in it!  But God delights in showing us!  It is His job to teach us, to expose the glory within us that He put there, to reveal to us what He has already done for and within us.  How often we think His Spirit’s primary job is to point out all our flaws, failings, and sin!  I don’t know about you, but the enemy and I do a pretty good job of that already!

I desperately need Someone to show me the good stuff!

Wouldn’t you love to feel as free, empowered, and alive as Christ felt?

Since He has already done the work, what is our job?  Be done with resisting and just show up.

Say aloud: “Lord, I want the thoughts I think, the words I say, and the actions I take to flow and be consistent with who You made me to be.  Open my eyes.  Lead me into this truth.  I am ready to embrace your transforming power!”

Now rest and see the beautiful buds of His work be revealed in you!  Oh, please share what God is showing you in this season of your life!!


“Have I Ever Told You, You’re My Favorite! The Importance of Feeling Special” is scheduled for release Monday, May 3 on Amazon!
This short, easy to read book is perfect for a personal increased understanding of how favored you are.  Let God convince you of this amazing truth and help you release any resistance you may have, especially that of which you are unaware!  !  It also works well for small group discussions!  We grow more in sharing, interacting, and encouraging each other.  Help each other know more about His favor.  It’s powerful!  To His and our glory!

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