Draw Your Sword!

You do not have to take it!
(This is a post from my Java, Jammies, and Jesus)

This JJJ is a little more aggressive than usual, but I believe I need to issue a call to action.

You see, there has been a recurring pattern that needs to be exposed and once you see it, you may feel the call to rise up, too.

Many people come to my site, read my writings, and some make the decision to invest in and grow my finances using tools available for you if you go to Skrumble.com.  To one degree or another the pattern is the same… initial revelation, enlightenment, the sensation of feeling “lighter than a feather,” and increased hope and courage to do whatever it is the reader or client needs to do.

This is wonderful!  God’s revelation brings elevation and a breath of fresh air.  Several people have used the same phrase to describe their experience, “I feel lighter than a feather!”

And then circumstances come along…. and then more… and now the reader or client is tempted to doubt the new thoughts God had them thinking… is it really God?

Am I really as loved, esteemed, and as favored as I’m learning?

Are my sins REALLY forgiven?

Am I really cut out for this?

Is favor just  momentary feel-good fluff?

Well, let me reinforce this old familiar perspective:  old habits
die hard.

When a mind has been set in a certain direction for a long time, it is like deeply embedded ruts in a road.  Remember the pioneers and the wagon trail?

The explosive quality of revelation can shoot us out of those ruts, making the shifts we need easier.  But our brain, and this is proven scientifically, does not like change, and will do whatever it has to to make our lives reflect what it is used to believing.

The new revelation is perceived almost like an inaccurate, incorrect thought, which the brain sets out to correct.

If anyone wants to read more about this, a good book is, “Who Switched Off My Brain?” by Dr. Caroline Leaf.

So, here is my encouragement and then call to action:

1.  Know that doubts don’t mean the truth isn’t true, and it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you!  The transformation process takes time and diligence.  In the beginning, a down after an up is normal.

2.  When old thoughts and voices rise up and want to reclaim their place… draw your sword.  Speak OUT LOUD what you know to be true and put your stake in the ground.  If you can’t remember what’s true, it might help to go back through some of my posts, read my book, or better yet… sit in the presence of God and get loved on!

3.  Get angry at the lies, not at people, or even the circumstances.  God promises and provides abundant life.  The enemy
robs, steals, and destroys.  When it comes to lies, get good at spotting them as quickly as possible, and TAKE NO PRISONERS!

4.  If you can, join with people around you who are like-minded and going through similar changes, discovering similar things.       Accountability and encouragement is crucial to success.

There’s so much more to say, but I hope this helps.

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