What? Me Worry?

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Java, Jammies, and Jesus!

Often I will get a word from the Lord that is not just for me, but for others as well,  a word that I am supposed to share.

But quite frankly, I don’t always do it.

Maybe I hesitate at times because I still have a little apprehension that you all might think that I’m a tad loony because I say God speaks to me.

Other times, I might drawback because I fear you thinking, “Who is she to say, ‘God told me'”?

And still other times, the message is so simple that, for a split second, I worry, “Well, Lord….. who doesn’t know that?”

This is one of those times.

But here it is, from God to you: “Life is simple. I have only 2 requirements. Love Me and love others as you love yourself.”

That’s it.

Now maybe you would like to have some insider info as to what the Lord and I were discussing before I received that reassuring message.

Why did He say that to me? You’d be right if you thought it didn’t just come out of nowhere.

Well, when I got up this morning, I came to our meeting spot with a number of concerns that had had their way with me over the past couple of nights, disturbing my sleep.

I call it the collision of the concerns … you know, when there are too many that they just collide with each other creating confusion and unwanted negative energy.

Some of the concerns were obvious, in your face ones, like what the heck is going on in our world and the economy? And Wall Street???


Others were related to some devastating tragedies that our friends are experiencing.

Still others were more personal related to self imposed deadlines and the feeling of too much to do with too little time, our youngest son, yes, the “baby”, being 3000 miles away at school, or financial demands being greater in this season than usual.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Just life, or so it seems.

In thinking about these concerns, I was tempted to think too much about what I should or could do about them.

I thought I needed wisdom, strategies, and an action plan. And maybe I do need them, but when concerns are colliding at a blinding speed, those precious things are hard to come by!

And so, I began to tell the Lord about it and affirm His majesty and glory for me and others.

And just then, making a path through the noise in my brain, the Lord with His words, carved a way deep into my heart and mind saying,”Life is simple. I have only 2 requirements. Love Me and love others as you love yourself.”

Somehow in that instant it was clear to me what I must do: Just sit back and Rest in His love. Fill up on His love. Bask in it, revel in it, appreciate it, and bathe in it. Don’t go anywhere, do anything, attend to anyone until I feel satisfied, at peace, and happy. When I feel the smile on my face, I know I’m there.

Yes, contrary to what is going on in the world and the people and situations with which I am involved, I feel deeply within, that all … is ….  indeed …. well. The muscles in my neck relax, my breathing evens, and in the midst of the turmoil, I have found a restful pond in which to float, held up effortlessly by natural buoyancy.

The abundance I feel is tangible.

Don’t worry. Be happy. I couldn’t make that happen myself, but God can…. and did!

Like every other morning, all I had to do was show up, share, listen, agree, and receive.

I realized, once again, at that moment, that we are not victims of the circumstances. We are always meant to be victors.

I realized that while I feel helpless, in reality I can do something about Wall St. and even the economy at large, something powerful and effective:

I can pray, trusting Him to work all things together for good.

I realized that I can rest in His love and know that I and my family are well cared for and will continue to be. He will lead us in whatever personal decisions we need to make.

I realized that in His love I have an abundance of time, energy, and creativity to do whatever I really need to do.

In His love I can count on Him protecting, guiding, and enriching us, our son, and our friends.

In His love there is more financial provision than the vaults of Knoxville, and He delights in providing for us.

So, like old Alfred E. Neuman used to say, “What? Me worry????”

Have a great day! And oh, if you have a moment,  I’d love to hear your comments!



2 Responses to What? Me Worry?
  1. Kathy Aprile
    October 8, 2008 | 10:53 pm

    Dear Maryann,
    That was so refreshing, yet simple! Thank you so much for sharing it, with us all! You are truly a blessing!
    The Lord surely wants us to see that, as women, we tend to worry about too much, to take on … more things than He designed for us to “bear,” and … He just wants us to rest in His Love, to rejoice in Him alone, and … to choose to believe what He has said, and does say to us, and to choose to trust in / hope in only Him!
    Have trusted in myself and in others, too often. That does not work! Why didn’t I see what I was doing, in making the wrong choice of putting my hope or trust in a person! … even for a while.
    The Lord has been making it clearer to me, lately, that He wants me to give over to Him everything, even yielding my rights to most anything, … and to make sure I’ve given the ownership of all my possessions to Him, besides yielding my time, my dreams, my plans to Him. Then, only then, will He direct my paths! (my way of saying it; maybe not theologically accurate) (hee hee!)
    He just wants us to “lay down” all those cares and concerns, … which can actually be fears and worries, anxieties and things that frustrate us, so that He, then, is freed up (in our human way of thinking) to pour out His abundant Grace and His provision, His limitless Love, and His generous, rejuvating Shalom Peace!
    Wow! Hallelujah! YHWH God is so awesome! The Most High God just wants me to choose to Love Him, in action! … even in just “resting” in His Love! It’s a choice I can “handle!”
    Hallelujah!! … continuing to rejoice, and thanking The Lord for you, Maryann, for sharing all these encouraging, edifying insights with us all!
    The Lord YHWH bless you and keep you, as you seek to glorify Him in all you do, Maryann!
    The Lord YHWH make His Face to shine upon you, as He rejoices over you with singing, and with Joy, Maryann!
    The Lord YHWH be gracious to you, as He welcomes you into His presence, in His throne-room in Heaven, each time you enter into prayer, Maryann!
    The Lord YHWH lift up His Countenance upon you, as you lift up your petitions and prayers to Him, Maryann, trusting in His listening heart, and knowing He loves you with an everlasting Love!
    The Lord YHWH give you His rest-filled, soul-prospering Shalom Peace, Maryann!
    Kathy A.

  2. Maryann
    October 9, 2008 | 9:40 am

    Dear Kathy,
    Thanks so much for your encouraging, transparent comment. Though we have never met, I see your heart for our God and all that He has for us. I was thrilled to see you understand that “resting” is a “doing!” It is an action word!

    Also, thank you for your prayers at the end. I felt them! You are a blessing to me and now, to all those who read your post!


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