Want to SEE More Favor?

As a counselor and coach, people come to me because they are frustrated for one reason or another.  And not to get simplistic, but most of the time, what they need is a strong revelation and then a solid foundation in the favor of God.

Now, most people have heard about favor, and some even make a declaration or two about having favor, but still little evidence exists that they REALLY have it.

Well, given the opportunity, God always reveals why.

It has nothing to do with whether they deserve it or not.

Or whether they have done enough of the right things.

Or whether God loves them enough.

They can even believe favor is for them, and still not see it except sporadically here or there.  Favor is often minimized, discounted, and resisted.

And here’s the reason:  Competing mindsets.

What do I mean by that?

Ok, let’s take the verse Psalm 5:12 for example.  “For you, Lord, will bless the righteous;  as a shield You will surround him with goodwill, pleasure and favor.”

Let me ask you.   Do you FEEL surrounded by goodwill, pleasure, and favor?
If you don’t, there is a reason, and probably a very good one!  We live in a world where people hurt each other, rather than favor each other.  Relationships are often strained and frustrating. Then there’s the economy – people out of work, or stuck in jobs that don’t pay well, fit well, or fulfill them.  Many people suffer from health issues. The list goes on.  It is easy to not feel favored.

But in reality, our circumstances don’t determine how favored we feel.  Our mindsets do.

If you believe on one hand that God’s word is true, and He favors you, but on the other hand have had things happen in your past that have made you leery to trust people, then unless that is resolved, that distrust will work against and compete with the mindset of favor... even if it is God, not man, you are seeking.

If you believe in favor, but also believe you are unworthy, deficient, inadequate, disqualified for whatever reason, those two beliefs will have a stand off.

The words says that a man of two minds is unstable and uncertain about everything he thinks, feels, and decides. (James 1:8)

So, how do we have ONE mind about this?  Well, minds are renewed by God and us working together.  The more the mindset of favor gets established, the more we will see evidence of it.

At the end of this week, I will be sending out an email with an opportunity for you to join a small group of like minded, favor-increasing people. This opportunity will help you to expand your consciousness of how favored you really are, and reduce the power of competing beliefs.   And it will be free.

I won’t get into the details now, but it will require only about 5 minutes of your time, a couple of times per day for one week.

A couple of simple, easy to do steps will yield you some big results.

So, keep a look out for that, and in the mean time, ask God to reveal the competing mindsets that lay within you that resist His favor. You can be free to walk fully and in increasing experience of this absolutely under-estimated power.

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