Say Yes!

Most of us have heard that God is a God of “Yes, it is so (amen)”, (2
Cor 1:20), but many of us have times when circumstances are such
that we perceive God to be a God of “No, I don’t think so!”

Over the past year, I have had many opportunities to talk and work
with people who have been laid off, searching for work, or trying
to establish a new business… in what everyone agrees is a very
difficult economy.

Every person without exception has understandably been quite
anxious, some even terrified, as they think about their future.
Fear, when it grips our hearts, has a way of convincing us that we
are destined for the poor house, or worse – living in a cardboard
box under a bridge (my personal favorite).

Well, I am thrilled to report that every one of those people have a
job, or a new business venture they are thrilled about, or an
existing business that is taking on a new dimension.

What do each of these people have in common?

Loss or fear of loss caused them to:

1. take a closer look at Who is the Source of their security, and
what have they been thinking about that. Do they perceive God as a
God of Yes and It is so, or No, I don’t think so?

2. examine who they THINK they are and what are they truly
qualified to have in life. Lack and poverty, or more than enough
wealth? What does God say Yes to?

It’s not easy to have a change in mindset when fear is dominating
your life, but God is faithful, and when each one of these people
decided to say YES to what God says YES to, things shifted in their
lives, which caused other things to shift in their lives… which
resulted in, as one dear one said, “more than I could have hoped
for!!” Oooo… how I love participating in people’s happiness!

So, may I encourage you today to ask God to reveal where you may be
perceiving Him to be a God of No and I don’t think so, rather than
a God of Yes, IT IS SO!

Then, let Him have the final say, and out of your mouth, you speak
what He says!

In Your Corner!

P.S. I’ll keep you posted as to when the next tele-coaching class
will be offered. Also, if you think your mindset may be standing
in the way of your personal life, profession or business, consider
one on one coaching! I’m here for you!

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