Live Guilt-free! Happiness Tip of the Day

Continuing on in my series of “Get Happy!” can we consider

Ps 32: 1 – 2?

Happy is he who has forgiveness continually exercised upon him, who has a perpetual fresh start!  You’re slate is wiped clean!  God holds nothing against you, and so, you need not hold anything back from him.  (combination of the Amplified and Message)

Did you know that this is for you, everyday? Not just when you became a Christian!  How we can mess things up in a day!

But one of the first favors God does for us is wipe the slate clean, and in His mind… it stays clean!

One thing I come across CONSISTENTLY as a coach and counselor…. Christians struggle immensely with guilt and shame.  Guilt and shame confuse and cloud a mind. There is no way we can effectively move forward in the purposes of God when we are held back by a guilty conscience and a shameful image of ourselves.

I’m not talking about a person who is pathological and feels no guilt or remorse for anything.  That is a person who has NO conscience.

I’m talking to the vast majority of Christians, especially women.  We sometimes think guilt is the way for us to ensure proper behavior, or keep us in line,  and then we pass that on to our kids! This practice opposes God… and thus, can not bring happiness.

I know this is tough… but believe God.  He has let you off the hook.  Do the same. And be HAPPY!

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