I know God loves me, BUT….

Something I’ve noticed over the years is how many of my clients have “Father love” issues.  Maybe that isn’t the reason they come to me, but how wonderful it is of the Lord to reveal it!

That can only mean He has a desire and a plan to DEEPEN AND EXPAND their view of Him!  It’s pretty amazing how a restricted or inaccurate view of the Father can subtly interfere with the quality of our lives!

Have you ever said, “I know God loves me, but….”?

Check out what comes after the “but”. Often it will give you a clue as to where you may need an expanded view of the Father.

Many books have been written about the Father’s love and how we often get a distorted, or at a minimum, incomplete view of Him based on our earthly father.

If your earthly father was cruel, demanding, or rigid, you may feel an inability to ever please the Father, or maybe you often fear punishment or disappointing Him.

If your father was kind and compassionate, but didn’t do much to help you, you may have developed a “I have to do it myself” mentality, or you may feel at times like the Father isn’t going to help you.

If your father left when you were a kid, or was never really “there”, you might feel God ignores you or that you just aren’t that important to Him..

And then there are many permutations of those.

My point in bringing it up isn’t to find fault with your father.  That won’t serve you at all.

But it can help you to see where God wants to broaden your view of who He is to you.

This is part of having your mind renewed, and the word says we are TRANSFORMED by the renewing of our minds.I have found that when stressed I can get into doubt about whether God is REALLY there for me.

But rather than beat myself up, fall into a pity pot, or build up resentment, I have learned from the Lord to allow Him to show me some NEW OR DEEPER ASPECT OF HIM that I am not yet fully grounded in.

You know, the more accurate our view of the Father, the more we can actually FEEL His presence and involvement in our lives, the happier and more confident we will be.  Truly.

And because He is infinite, there is always more and more to learn.  How fun is that?!!

So, may I encourage you today to ask Him to show you more of His Father’s heart for you?

Decide to be willing to take any false notions developed or even programmed in you to the dump.No need to get into blame!  Just realize it “ain’t workin’ for ya,” and position yourself to receive what it is the Father wants to show you.

So… Here’s a little assignment for you:  Read Ephesians 1:17-2:5 and take note of how the Father’s heart is revealed here.

Write the passage, meditate on it, and ask the Father what He wants you to see.  I’d love to hear about it!!Have a richly blessed day!  Remember… it’s all in the seeing!


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