He can and will quench your thirst!

Good morning,

Today is the day the Lord has made. Will you rejoice with me and be glad in it? (You know, it is a choice you can make!)

Here, this will help: Stop right now, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think of 3 things for which you are grateful. Take another deep breath after each one.

So, is the desire to have that intimate connection with God getting stronger? If not, ask Him for it! God is more than happy to honor such a request!

Remember, He longs to reward you as you diligently seek Him!

When the kids were younger, we found the study of Ancient Egypt fascinating, particularly the importance of the Nile River.

The Nile was called the River of Life. It was and is a rich source of nutrients for Egypt, so much so, that the annual flooding of it was considered a high and holy religious event.

Once a year there was much to celebrate as the River left its gift of fertile silt deposits, causing the flood plain to flourish and thrive.

Click here to see a good picture or go to:

You can see the vegetation in the forefront.

But unless these living waters were pumped from the River or irrigation trenches were connected to the land beyond the flood plain, little could grow in the dry, parched desert lands. Notice the sandy terrain in the background of the picture.

I’m sure you see the parallel I am making. But think about it a minute. Reflect on this: How much do we try and do in a day without drinking deeply from our Living Water? Don’t you notice a feeling of dryness, staleness, and loss of joy? Does everything seem like it’s so much work and effort?

Yes, many are like that desert. Yes, the River is there, and available, but somehow, either it has to come to you, or you have to come to it, in order to truly benefit from its nutrients!

Jesus said, “Come to Me, all of you who are weary and heavy with burdens.” (Mt 11:28)

Why? Because He has something for you! Bread! Living Water!

Rest! Power! Come and get it!

Did you know that verse also means to come toward Him, and be by His side? (I cheated and looked it up in the Greek.)

In a week I will address the commonly held sentiment which keeps many from coming to Him…..

“I don’t come because I think He is disappointed in me. And He is disappointed in me because I don’t come. I don’t believe as I should, I don’t do what I should….” Note the vicious cycle!

Have I missed anything?

Until next time! May God bless you with rich times with Him! Email
me with questions, if you like! maryann@AgreewithGod.com

Maryann Ehmann


God has always been my Source. It just took me a while to know it

and agree with it! But as I’ve done so, He has transformed my life,

and the life of every single family member. From lack to plenty,

sickness to health, worry to peace, guilt to freedom, darkness to

light… this is His mission for you, too.

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