God is your help, Part 2

Hi again!

The other day we were led by Ps 118:  1-4  to Give Thanks to the Lord because He is good and His mercy and lovingkindness endure forever. From the wonderful comments and emails I received, I see that many of you felt as good as I did from doing so!  Giving thanks, being reminded of His mercy and loving kindness, and speaking it out is indeed powerful!!

But oh, there’s more!!

Look…. v. 5 (AMP) Out of my distress I called upon the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free and in a large place.

How often I have called upon the Lord when I have felt distressed.  Unfortunately, all too often, I can feel discouraged by my own inadequacies, weaknesses, and apparent failures.  I often feel I’m not quite enough, even with the Living Christ indwelling me!  When I read this passage the other day, I was in one of those moments (which is why I’m even writing about this).

As I read the words, “…the Lord answered me…,” I asked Him, “What do You say when You answer me?”

Immediately I heard Him say… “Maryann, I love you.  I am with you.  I favor you.  I am always working good on your behalf. I’ve got this covered.  Trust in Me.”

There is nothing quite as settling as God speaking directly to our hearts.  His words carry peace, comfort, and anticipation of good.  Hope.  I didn’t even need to know anything specific, just that He loves me, and because He does, I am in Good Hands.  Amen?

“…. and set me free…” Yes, peace, comfort, feeling assured of God’s love is freeing.  In reality, His death and resurrection has already set us free.  But living in this world, it is hard to remember that we are free indeed.  Thank God He has given us His Holy Spirit to remind us, to bring us into all truth and righteousness!  And isn’t it righteous to believe God at His word (truth)?

If He says we are free, we are free.  Free from what?  Well, the list is long!  But to name a few, how about condemnation, self-doubt and loathing, and continually judging ourselves as defective.  How often do we do that?

In Romans 5:15, Paul said, “But God’s free gift (of grace and righteousness)  is not at all to be compared to the trespass…..” or in the Amplified, “His grace is out of all proportion to the fall of man”.  Out of all proportion!  I love that!!  No comparison!  Alright!  Yes!!  Let’s be bold with the truth of God!  Take it and shove it in the enemy’s face!  Feels good, doesn’t it?  (It’s ok.   It’s allowed.)

Now, I am reminded that God’s grace is out of proportion to not just Adam’s fall, but our fall, each and every day of our lives!  There is no fall, no sin, no mistake, no inadequacy, no weakness, that could ever compare to His grace and mercy.  There is no failure for those He loves that has any real or lasting effect!  (I know some would take issue to this…. sorry for that…)

Oh, Thank Him for His mercy and loving-kindness endures forever!!

“…. and in a large place…”
What is this large place?  Well, for me, it is in my mind.  Small thinking results in distress. Small thinking causes me to focus on lack, on what I don’t have, on what God isn’t doing for me, on what others have done to or said against me (or my children).   Small thinking is negative thinking.  “What if this or that?” turns into a list of all the bad things that could happen, rather than all the wonderful possibilities we have in the Lord.

Hearing the voice of the Lord, especially in the midst of distress, calms me, reminds me of my freedom, and helps my mind to see the bigger picture, the abundance of God, the array of blessings He delights to give to me and through me.  Our only job is to call upon Him with the expectation that He will answer!  Easy exchange, wouldn’t you say?

Powerful stuff.  The stuff from which transformation is made….and it is ours.

Lately I’ve heard 2 questions asked a lot:

1.  If you could be 10x bolder, what would you be doing?

2.  If you could not fail, what would your life look like?

Ponder these a bit.  I think it may have some significance to the way God would have us live!

Feel free to comment below.  I’d love to hear your responses!!

Next time…. (v. 6-7) “The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?  The Lord is on my side and takes my part,….”

Thanks for reading!  May you receive today a release of the freedom you have in Him!



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  1. Eugenio
    July 25, 2009 | 3:52 pm

    Excellent! I hear a lot of “selah” moments, here. Please continue!!

    your hubby!! 🙂

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