Can You Really Expect God’s Favor?

I know you’ve heard the phrase “the favor of God.” You may have even paid some attention to what it means and believe it’s for you.

But can I ask you…. do you EXPECT it? Or are there little voices in your head that say, “Yeah… but….”

I understand. It took me a while to expect favor. God showed me I had it. I agreed with Him and wanted it. I even asked for more of it.

But deep in my programming was a built up set of beliefs, called strongholds, that said it really wasn’t for me.

You see, what I discovered was, the strongholds we set up are designed to protect us and keep us safe. Destiny and purpose are designed to get us up and moving out. That’s risky! That requires courageous, creativity, and clarity.

Not pursuing our destiny and purpose keeps us in hiding, from putting ourselves out there, and getting exposed. That seems safe, but if you have a call and a destiny, then chances are, you are struggling with this. You need favor at the cellular level.

Favor is the supernatural force that is available to help us feel esteemed, empowered, and worthy. We need that in order for us to flow in the wonderful things God has for us. We need favor just to perceive our destiny, let alone manifest it.

Notice in Roman 5:17 we are encouraged that those who RECEIVE an ABUNDANCE of grace and favor and the FREE gift of righteousness with REIGN as KINGS in THIS life through Jesus. Not the next life…. THIS life.

So, to be an overcomer, a ruler and a reigner, (a Royal Master Warrior, is what I call it) we need to RECEIVE. We don’t receive, however, if strongholds, false beliefs in our imagination within say we can’t have the favor God has for us.

There is an evil force that wants to keep you down, silence your voice, and make you give up. He’s operating big time in this current economy where everything has become about money.

Well, the word says, “Loving favor is better than silver or gold.” Prov 22:1.

That doesn’t mean that silver and gold are not for you, but rather, favor can buy, achieve, and create a whole lot more, and do it with dignity, honor, and gratitude to God, and that is a wealth in and of itself.

Embrace the favor of God. Expect it. It’s one of the most effective keys to walking in the Blessing.

God’s best to you!

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