Are you tired of feeling small… yet??!!

This morning while talking with my husband, I once again saw us like Gulliver from Gulliver’s Travels.  As a kid, I saw the animated movie and later read the book (which by the way, I didn’t really get), leaving this lasting impression on me.  There is a scene where Gulliver is laying on a sandy beach, held down by numerous teeny cords attached to pegs in the ground.

This scene comes up frequently when I think of my own life and the life of my coaching clients.  Here we are, big and powerful, often feeling trapped, held down, and paralyzed by a million little fears that have convinced us that we are small, insignificant, and ineffective.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!  I am thrilled to say, God has severed those ties, and freed us from fears produced by lies.  Lies formed from abuse, neglect, abandonment, oppression, betrayal, and just plain old walking on this earth.

We are not small.  We are not bound.  We are not insignificant.  It is not futile.

We don’t have to struggle against the cords … God has already cut them!  We may still see them lying across our chest, or draped over our arms, but they are not attached any longer to any thing.  Each tie represents a lie, and we can continue to lay there and believe we are bound, but instead, let us be encouraged that we can rise up and stand tall, and make every lie told about us bow to the truth.

God does not think of us as small.  He has not made us that way.  Let His opinion be the final authority about who we are.

By the way… I just noticed a new movie about Gulliver coming out this Christmas!  I’m going to see it. Yeah.

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