Have I Ever Told You… You’re My Favorite! Chpater 1

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Here is Chapter 1, We’re All Someone’s Favorite!

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INTRODUCTION to  “Have I Ever Told You, You’re My Favorite!”

Wouldn’t you agree, being someone’s favorite makes us feel special? Having favor shine upon us can change our lives! And while favor is not all that is necessary to fulfill our dreams, in every success story, we see it is an essential piece of the puzzle.

The story of Michael Oher as portrayed in the hit movie, “Blind Side”, demonstrates this point beautifully.

Here’s a young man who grew up in the “mean streets of northern Memphis,” one of 13 children born to a drug addicted mom and a father who was murdered. Forced to fend for himself at the ripe old age of 6 or 7, Michael slept on his front porch, was in and out of 11 schools in 9 years, and repeatedly ran away from every foster home he was put in.

In the movie, poverty stricken Michael, appears to just happen to be enrolled in an elite private Christian school, and just happen to catch on to athletics, and just happen to cross the path of the Tuohy’s, the now famous, well-to-do Caucasian family who took Michael in as their own and turned him into a star.

But upon closer inspection into Michael’s life, we can see that there were no accidents, no happenstances, no luck. Yes, forces converged at just the right moments, with just the right people, in just the right places, but it was no coincidence.

Those right moments, people, and places are what is called favor. And it is waiting for us all.

Why? Because we are all created for a reason. We all have God-given dreams and a specially designed destiny. Favor isn’t just a nice thing that comes along once in a while randomly. It is a necessity to living the life for which we were intended.

Indeed, Bill Johnson, a hugely popular pastor of one of the most successful churches in America, says this:

Our authentic dreams from God cannot be accomplished on our own. That is a sure sign that a dream is too small. We must dream so big that without the support that comes through favor with God and man, we could never accomplish what is in our hearts.” (Face to Face with God, p.25)

We need favor.


You see, we are all someone’s favorite. And thankfully, we don’t have to depend on man, who tends to be a bit on the fickle side, but rather, we can depend on God. Favor begins with God. Favor flows through God. And it is God who puts it in the hearts of people to extend favor, one to another, whether we recognize it as Him or not.

Too often, our opinion about God is that of a harsh, mean task master, or one who is uninvolved with and indifferent about our daily lives. This view of Him totally obscures the favor that He consistently and repeatedly surrounds us with.

But He knows our inability to see sometimes, and even in opening our eyes, we are given favor to see. We need His constant involvement. We need His favor. Thankfully, He loves us with an immeasurable, incomparable love, that is so immense that it actually takes revelation to fully realize.

Often God has spoken to my heart and said, “Maryann, if only you knew just how much I love you… you would have no fears. My love for you is so complete, so satisfying, so hopeful, so good. Things will come your way and try to buffet you, but remember, you have my insulation around you. I will keep you warm, and help you through. I am with you. Do not fear.”

The more I know God, the more clearly I see and feel His love for me, and oddly enough, the more I am aware of His favor wherever I go.

It’s a lovely thing to walk into a room of strangers, or into a new setting, or take on a challenging project, confident that God’s favor is there for you.


People who embrace the favor of God, are much more readily available to extend that favor to others. For a while, as you are just learning about favor, and allowing yourself to be the object of it, you may just be focused on the receiving of it, rather than the giving of it.

But favor has a natural flow to it. Sooner or later, you will find yourself compelled to bless another with it.

I believe that is where the Tuohy’s were. It is clear their faith in God was an instrumental part of their daily lives. Their business success and wholesome family attitudes reflect the lives of people who live in the favor of God.

I dare say, they were confident of it. “Blessed to be a blessing,” was clearly and powerfully evident and it changed Michael’s whole life.


Michael is living his dream now, playing in the NFL. Probably he was living way beyond his dream when he accepted the help and love of the Tuohy’s.

But another hidden aspect of Michael’s story is on Michael’s end.

Did you know that he would dream of playing in the NFL as a kid? That at 10 years old he would watch the game on tv and study it? That he would say each day, “I’m going to work hard to get to this next goal?”

How does a kid with his background, raised in the deadbeat, drug and crime infested neighborhood from which he came, come up with that? Somehow in the middle of all of that, he had a dream.

And even more, he believed that somehow, someway, he could achieve it. Clearly he did not map out a plan of action, and set specific timely goal points. But he intuitively sensed that if he did nothing, he would get nowhere.

While no one was looking, Michael was looking out for his own future. Being the size he was, he could have easily secured a position as a body guard for one of the many gang leaders. But no, Michael knew he was made for more.

On one of his many interviews, he said, “I wanted to be something in life. I didn’t want to hang out and do drugs.” Deep within his soul, Michael knew, without doubt, that he was different. He was special.

I am convinced that believing in himself and knowing he was special was essential to Michael even going on. It gave him his vision, his strength, and his determination to which he could apply to his God-given talent.

I happen to believe God had favor on Michael, and put that dream, as well as talent, in his heart. Seeing how God has worked in other’s lives, including my own, the notion that I can be someone, is planted in the hearts of us all. We are all meant to be someone. Someone special. Someone who makes a difference in this world. We are set up to impact the world. To have dreams and achieve them. So much so, that even cruelty, abuse, prejudice and neglect cannot keep many of us down. There is something so powerful in each of us that is made to rise up and overcome all obstacles, and that something is love.

Favor emanates from love.

At various points of time, Michael’s life looked anything but favored. But does the station and position of our life determine whether we have favor or not? Thankfully, no.

Michael says that he always did what needed to be done, whether using the front porch as a mattress, begging neighbors for takeout, or breaking out of foster homes. “Whatever it took to get to the following sunrise.” Determination was definitely part of his skill set.

I know this begs the question, “Why did he rise above the rubble and other s didn’t? Why did he have this favor fall upon him, not others?” I don’t know the answer to that. It can be argued that everyone has it, but what you do with it, is what makes the difference. You will have to grapple with that question for yourself.

But it is clear, favor can often be overlooked, rejected, or taken for granted. Sometimes we just aren’t ready for it. However, it is there when we need it. We can count on it. But to maximize it, we need to be ready and prepare for it.

Michael was ready for it. Maybe he didn’t know it or define it as I am now, but he took the favor he had, which was his attitude, beliefs, and talent and he worked with it, to the degree he could.

But Michael would need lots more favor, love and caring for before he could fully realize his potential.

Before the Tuohys came along, another generous man, Tony Henderson picked out Michael and mentored him. Tony, even today, is a man who mentors the teens in Michael’s old neighborhood, Hurt Village, providing a much needed service: father figure.

Describing Michael as a “great kid, a quiet kid,” Tony saw the potential in Michael and along with his own son, enrolled him in Briarcrest, a private Christian school. Though hesitant and leery, the administration gave Michael a chance to get a quality education when he had had none, as well as the opportunity to use his athleticism, if his grades allowed.

It was there that the Tuohys met Michael, gave him a place to live, and eventually adopted him as their own. One piece of favor, leading to another, which led to another.

Michael was so ready. A kid with a dream, talent, and hard core determination converges in time with the right people, at the right time, in the right place, all necessary elements to him reaching his goals.

Are you ready?


Being convinced you are loved, special, and have favor will go a long way to getting you ready. Do you know that you are as loved, as special, and as favored as Michael?

Do you realize that favor comes from the pulsating heart of God, who loves you passionately? Do you know that He has already given it to you, and it’s yours to know, embrace, and operate in your life?

If you don’t know your purpose, are unclear about your dreams, or don’t have a clue about your destiny, you are missing out on a huge chunk of life for which you have been created. Seek God, ask for help, or obtain guidance. I have figured out much of this by sitting quietly in the presence of God, and listening to His voice. I can show you how easy and rewarding this is. In addition, there are plenty of wonderful coaches out there that are qualified to help you.

Once you access what it is you are called to do or discover your purpose, get the additional skills and knowledge, if you don’t already have them. Chances are you do. They are just waiting to be repurposed.

Further develop discipline, determination, focus, and passion. These are all important ingredients to your success.

But in the process of it all, foundational really, you need to increase in favor. At a minimum, you need to know and feel you are God’s favorite, and dare I say, that would be a most profitable origination point? You need to be convinced that you are special in this world.

Obstacles will be there in abundance. There is an evil force in this world that opposes God and His children. These obstacles will obscure your vision and trick your mind into believing the lie that you don’t matter, and really, no one cares.

This little book is meant to help you gain full assurance that you are God’ favorite. That concept, fully embraced will open your eyes to opportunities where favor abounds. Through my own and others’ stories of favor, interactive exercises, and even scriptural support, favor will be 2nd nature to you. Eventually, it will be a natural part of your being.

It is said that Michael Oher’s success was due to a combination of focus, determination, a little help, and a lot of love. Well, there is a lot of love waiting to be released in the form of favor for you.

Come with me and learn what it is, why you have it, and how to live in the realm of it. You will love it.

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